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How Family Mediation Helps: List of Benefits

The goal of family mediation is to restore communication and reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Family mediation is a process by which a professional like Dr. John Toussaint helps resolve a problematic family situation in a neutral and objective way through the use of dialogue. Therefore, it offers us the opportunity to mediate, above all, in the event of divorce and, especially, in those cases in which parental issues affect, creating an atmosphere of coordination between parents and children. 

family mediation benefits

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By choosing family mediation we are choosing a plan for our own future and to be able to carry out the proposed goals in a focused, thoughtful and creative way.

This process helps in that the emotional cost is usually lower than the one that would develop in the courts, as well as saving time and money, since it is much faster and cheaper. In the same way, it helps reduce tension and encourages peaceful behavior.

In addition, it has great flexibility since it adapts to each type of problem. Those affected, in turn, attend voluntarily so that judicial rigidity does not occur.

For these reasons, family mediation has a long list of benefits for those affected, which we will see below.

Agreed responsibilities are fulfilled

There is a greater guarantee that both parties will be able to fulfill the agreed responsibilities. People who come with a family problem are at the center of interest in the process. From the beginning, they assume the responsibility that each one has had at the origin of the conflict, seeking solutions and making decisions in the agreements. In this way, self-determination, commitment and awareness of those affected are promoted. Negotiated agreements can include procedures designed to know how decisions will be carried out, increasing the fact that they are feasible and enforceable decisions. Unlike in the courts, where the judge imposes a sentence without having maintained a dialogue with the parties.

mediation service Newcastle

Everyone wins

In family mediation, the winner-loser feeling is eliminated, for this reason, those involved will be more satisfied and will be willing to reach lasting agreements, better than simple compromises, avoiding future problems. For this reason, emotional exhaustion is reduced, since it is easier than facing the courts.

Control is exercised by those involved

That is, they can decide when to convene the sessions and the pace that will take place in them. They can even include their lawyers in the sessions. Being free to make their own decisions, they tend to find solutions that may not be considered in more “aggressive” processes.

Possibility to deal with various topics

The parties involved can choose the topics or issues to be discussed, as well as establish the agenda. Unlike the courts, where it focuses on resolving legal issues.

An atmosphere of cooperation

Relationships are cared for, creating an atmosphere of cooperation between those involved, which will always be obtained thanks to communication and the expression of the needs of each one through dialogue. It is very useful when, despite the situation, you want to continue to maintain some kind of relationship, such as between father and son. These are prevented from being exposed to the corrosiveness of the courts, the welfare of children will always be above.

family mediation service

Personal empowerment is promoted

People who treat their own needs and come to an agreement on their own feel stronger and more capable of overcoming the situation than those who need a lawyer to carry out the paperwork. Mediation can provide a learning method to exercise personal power or influence.

Partial agreements are encouraged before going to court        

This is, in case of divorce, for example, it helps us to agree on the conditions and terms of each party. After this, they can go to court to ratify the agreement and the mediation process, as well as to formalize the divorce.

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It is a confidential process

Everything discussed in the sessions, such as the agreements reached or the documentation provided, is confidential and remains between the parties and the mediator. Likewise, the professional may not use the information obtained for purposes unrelated to the process or act as a witness to the facts.

It is a faster alternative

Mediation is a faster means of establishing solutions. This is because judicial processes can take, in many cases, several years. Therefore, it serves as an alternative so that each party can continue with their lives sooner.

Greater understanding in situations involving children

In problematic situations of parents and children or difficulties with respect to coexistence, mediation enhances a space in which to expose these problems and reach an agreement between both. You can achieve a negotiation on specific issues such as the distribution of tasks to be carried out, studies, use of the computer or the telephone, etc. Contact Dr. John Toussaint today!



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