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Removals in Newcastle: Common mistakes and How to avoid them

At RBR Moving, a moving company in Newcastle, we have many years of experience and we have experienced different types of removal with our clients. We have learned from all of them that we want to share with you, to help you if you are in this circumstance.

removals in newcastle

If you're planning to move, chances are you've already started to feel the pressure. Whether you're moving down the street or moving to another city, the stress of packing and making arrangements is overwhelming.

Relocating from one place to a different takes effort, time and money. You could spend a whole month planning it, but still, you may end up making some mistakes ...

Common mistakes and how to avoid them

1. Moving without a to-do list

The key to a smooth and successful move is proper planning and organization. You should have a plan for how you will approach each stage of the moving process, such as getting the right boxes, packing, hiring a moving company, etc. One of the main reasons people get overwhelmed when moving houses is because they lack a clear strategy on how to prioritize tasks.

moving company in Newcastle

As soon as you decide to move, create a moving to-do list that is personalized and prioritized. Make sure to stick to it and divide the tasks into subtasks, which you will cross out once completed. A good checklist will help you complete your pre-move preparations on time, reducing the stress that accompanies a last minute rush.

2. Waiting until the last minute to pack your belongings

Nobody likes to pack boxes; it's tiring, time consuming, and frankly not fun. However, it is one of those tasks that simply needs to be done.

Packing the contents of a simple drawer is the kind of task that you think you would finish in 10 minutes but can end up taking an hour, so you should always start early.

Take enough time based on the size of your home and the amount of things you have. If you have a lot of fragile and delicate things, it will take more time. And if you are short on time, consider hiring the household goods packaging service.

removals service in Newcastle

3. Packing items that you no longer need

Before you start packing, review all the items and identify those that you have not used in a long time. Sell everything that is valuable, but no longer need it and donate items that you do not use. On the positive side, ordering is mentally liberating and packing will be less stressful.

4. Doing the move on your own

Hiring moving professionals to help you move you may think it is expensive, but it is always worth every dollar invested. Yes, you can ask friends and family to help you with the move, but you will still spend more time than you should and there is always the possibility that you will lose something or break a valuable item.

Recognize what your move will entail and decide. If you don't have too many things, you may just manage to transport the material, but if you have a lot of belongings and furniture, appliances, etc. ... bet on hiring a moving company.

moving service Newcastle

5. Ignoring new neighbors

Ignoring your new neighbors When you move into a new home, make sure you don't disturb your neighbors on move-in day. Make sure you plan ahead for where the truck will park. If the truck is likely to block your neighbor's driveway or take up too much space, be sure to give him advance notice so he won't be disturbed.

Planning to move soon?

With a little planning and foresight, moving does not have to be difficult or stressful, if you have any questions you can call and request a quote today!


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