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Safety Related to the use of the Forklift

  Here are some ideas on preventing forklift accidents for pedestrians in warehouses and factories. It is very common for forklifts to move pallets with palletized and stretch film wrapped products around facilities. There are thousands of accidents every year for personnel on foot in factories caused by forklifts. The good news is that these types of accidents can be greatly reduced (even eliminated) when pedestrian safety becomes a priority at the facility and a comprehensive safety barriers program is in place. The general approach need not be overly complicated, in fact there are many similarities to the pedestrian safety principles of vehicles that are familiar to us in our everyday life on the streets. Understand the dangers of forklifts Preventing an accident is a goal of all pedestrians and forklift operators, whether inside or outside a facility, however, collisions between pedestrians and vehicles, in this case, forklifts, are not the only hazards. There is another: loads tha