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Seven tips for moving with pets

When it comes to moving, things get pretty tough. The whole process, of finding a new property in Lima, packing your things and moving everything from point A to point B, can be a martyrdom. And you know what can make things more complicated? Have pets Our furry friends can get as stressed out as we can during the move. As soon as they see you packing, they can start to get restless. Also, moving and getting used to a new place can cause a lot of anxiety and tension. So if you're planning to move, be sure to spend a little more time considering how you'll make the process less burdensome for your household pets. Next, Best Removalists Newcastle presents seven practical tips that will serve to move with pets:           1.- Update your pet's collars Before organizing everything for the move, you should make sure that the pet's collars have your current cell phone number engraved. During the move, there will be many times when these animals can escape. Most likely,