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Importance of making a will

Life is full of unexpected events. That is why, in the face of uncertainty, human beings must lean on all those pillars that give them peace of mind in their day to day. One of these tools is the will, which many people turn to if they want to make sure that their properties and assets will pass to those closest to them, in case something happens to them. It is a legal process that guarantees the last will of the deceased. However, it is not enough to just write on a sheet of paper in a drawer in our house to call it a "will" and the inheritance is properly distributed. Regardless of whether that is our will, sometimes that document does not have the necessary validity to serve as a will. Reasons for making a will For those who are wishing to make a will , here we are going to explain the importance of a will and the consequences of not doing it before death. 1. The testament provides legal certainty to the distribution of the inheritance In the first place, i