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Difference between engagement ring and wedding ring

Many wonder what difference the  engagement ring  and wedding  ring  .  Well, despite their more than reasonable resemblance, it is possible to find several elements that make them unique pieces of each other.  It is important to know the details so as not to make the mistake of choosing the ring that we should not.  For this, follow these tips and differentiate the engagement and wedding ring without any problem Engagement ring An engagement ring , as its name suggests, is one that is used prior to the wedding to demonstrate interest in marrying the other person .  This ring is usually placed on the ring finger and the hand varies according to the region of the planet in which we find ourselves.  For the most part, the  engagement ring  is offered by the man and it is the woman who accepts the future engagement. The traditions and customs around this ring vary depending on the country.  Thus, in the United States this practice is increasingly common.  In countries like