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The 9 keys to finding the right person for our company

  This is the phrase that most identifies companies that want to attract the right Talent for their project. That person is looking for us and we are looking for her. Together we would be happy. It is like finding True Love. It's about fitting in with someone and someone fitting us. For this task, which is having more and more difficulties, at Agricultural Appointments , we are convinced that we can be successful if we follow some keys to be able to have the right talent in our company. These are: Be visible! Talent will not know you are looking for it if you are not visible. For this, it is important to have a good employer branding policy. Highlighting where you can show yourself so that the right talent can apply to your job offer. Here are some possibilities: YouTube : Having a video of our offers multiplies the chances that a greater number of people will see us. Today connectivity is audiovisual. Of course, be brief and flashy. Social Networks : Of course it takes a