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Bicycle tips: Getting the right bicycle that you want

  Do you want to enter the world of cycling, but you do not know what kind of bicycle would be the most effective for you? Do not worry, even if the number of options can be overwhelming, here at Stead cycles we are to help you choose, if after this guide you have questions, just write to us and we will guide you. To start, follow these 5 steps, and you will get closer and closer to your ideal bike: Step 1 - Be very clear what you want a bicycle for. Each Bike was designed with a specific cycling style in mind, so the first thing you need to do to choose what type of bike you want is to know how you are going to use it. Do you want to ride on the road with a group? Recreational or professional? Maybe you want it simply as a means of transport in your day to day? Do you want to travel out and explore the paths of a nature reserve? If the problem is more for health or exercise issues, would you would like to use it at a neighborhood park or bike track? And in fact, there are people who d