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What steps do I need to take to get an ADR dangerous goods permit?

Driving vehicles carrying dangerous goods requires a special administrative authorization, known as an ADR dangerous goods permit.

The ADR permit authorizes the transport of dangerous goods, proving that they have the necessary knowledge to transport and handle said cargo during its transport. Depending on the load and the type of transport, some type of extension to the basic ADR authorization may be needed.

The special authorization for dangerous goods does not by itself authorize driving, so it must always be accompanied by the current ordinary driving license required for the vehicle in question.

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To obtain authorization, the first thing to do is take a course at an approved training center and then pass a theoretical test at the DGT. The dangerous goods permit is a International permit that allows the transport of such goods in countries that have signed the ADR - International Agreement on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road. The permit is valid for five years, although it can be extended in terms of five years. These renovations imply the completion and completion of a recycling course.

What types of dangerous goods authorizations are there? There is a basic ADR authorization that enables the transport of any type of dangerous matter in non-tank vehicles except explosives (class 1) and radioactive (class 7). If it is required to transport explosive or radioactive materials or if the vehicle you are going to drive is a tank type, you will need an extension to your ADR authorization.

There are 3 extensions to the basic ADR:

  • ADR Tanks application, which enables the transport in tanks, battery vehicles, transport units that transport tanks or tank containers.
  • Explosives ADR application, which enables the transport of class 1 materials.
  • Radioactive ADR application, which enables the transport of class 7 materials.

The extensions of the permit, in order to transport tanks, explosives or radioactive material, must be processed separately and in addition to the basic permit, they will consist of carrying out and passing a specific course for each of the extensions.

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Depending on the authorization you need, you will have to take a course at a training center authorized by the General Directorate of Traffic. This can be:

  • Common basic training, to obtain the basic ADR
  • Of specialized training and improvement, which will allow you to expand your basic ADR to transport dangerous material in tanks, transport of explosive materials and objects or radioactive materials. Here you can check the next calls.

In addition, depending on whether you already have authorization or not, there are two types of courses, the initial one or the update and improvement, which serve to renew or extend the validity period of the same.

Steps to follow once you have completed the course

1. Once the course is finished, the center will inform Traffic of the result obtained and a course certificate will be issued.

2. The driver must request a psychophysical fitness report issued by an authorized driver recognition center, when he is not the holder of a valid class C1 or D1 license. If you already have it, you don't need it.

3. Make the request to take the corresponding theoretical exam in Traffic, through the corresponding form.

Once the exam is passed, the DGT sends the permit to the home as soon as possible. Until the final license arrives, you can drive with the provisional license provided by Chris Shilling Transport Training. This permit is valid for 3 months. It should be borne in mind that the provisional dangerous goods card is valid only in Australia.

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Remember that it is essential to have a good training to be a professional carrier, to know everything about loading and unloading containers, about breaks and driving times, etc.

And don't forget that to be a carrier you have to renew the CAP every 5 years ... it's the best way to keep up to date with all the news in the sector!

Finally, remember that at Chris Shilling Transport Training we offer the best truck training to our students with the intention of turning them into the best professionals in the sector.

If you are interested in a truck training course you can contact us today!


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