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Things we travelers look for in an accommodation

Choosing the place where we are going to stay on our trip is important. But what do we pay special attention to?

Poor accommodation can completely ruin a trip. It is true that in the vast majority of cases it will not turn it into something wonderful, although it may be depending on the type of trip we do. But instead, you can make it an experience that is better to forget. And although we each value certain things, there are some aspects of accommodation that we all take into account.

albury accommodation

Things to value in any type of accommodation

Be it in a hotel of any category, in a hostel or in a backpackers' hostel. In any of these establishments, we are all looking for the same thing, a place to rest and be comfortably. A space that, while away from home, for a few hours gives us the homeliest sensations possible.

Obviously, you have to take into account the value for money, so as not to ask for wonders at a bargain price, or that, on the contrary, we are ripped off. But once we know what we are paying, we must be convinced that it is a fair price for what the accommodation offers us. And for that, it is best to look at these points:


The quality of a bed, especially its mattress, is among the priority we look for in our accommodation. We are going to spend most of the hours in the hotel lying on the bed.

alburty accommodation

It is the place to rest to continue traveling, that is why we all want it to be a comfortable bed. Or at least it doesn't make us wake up tired and sore the next morning.


If the bed is important, the second key element of an accommodation is the bathroom. For logical reasons, we look for a clean place with the necessary equipment. That is, sink, shower and toilet. From there, anything else is always welcome: bathtub, bidet, hair dryer, plugs, etc.


Actually, the issue of cleanliness in an accommodation where it is most appreciated in the cleanliness, but we demand it throughout our room. Even in the common areas. If we enter a hotel and see the dirty reception area, our feelings are no longer positive at all, and surely they will not improve.

Thermal comfort

This is another vital point to be comfortable in a hotel, hostel or hostel. Temperature. You always have to check if there is heating or air conditioning, depending on the dates of our trip. And if we can regulate it in an autonomous and personalized way, it is already a very favorable point for that establishment.

"The great advantage of hotels is that they are a perfect refuge from domestic life."


Nowadays the connection to the network is essential. In almost all tourist accommodation there are, but it never hurts to ask. And specially to know if it is free, because incomprehensibly there are places that charge for it.

Common areas

Depending on how our trip is, we will use the common areas more or less, so we will care more or less. But there are situations where they are very important. For example, if we travel in summer and our accommodation has a pool. Or, if we are on a backpacking route and we are going to a hostel, we would like a community area to contact other travelers.

The publication

All that has been said so far are internal factors of the accommodation, but to choose it there is another very important piece of information: its location. In fact, that and the price are usually one of the first things we take into account when looking for hotels and accommodations online, since almost none of the above can be compared at first glance via the web.

albury accommodation

Comments from other travelers

Actually, we can remotely contrast data about the bed, common areas or cleanliness. This is achieved by reading the comments contributed by other travelers who have been in that accommodation. An information that is always very useful. Of course, you do not have to read a single comment. You have to see several and draw general conclusions.

With all this, we hope that on your trip you will get the best accommodation, one of those that turns the experience into something wonderful.


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