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Seven tips for moving with pets

When it comes to moving, things get pretty tough. The whole process, of finding a new property in Lima, packing your things and moving everything from point A to point B, can be a martyrdom. And you know what can make things more complicated? Have pets

Our furry friends can get as stressed out as we can during the move. As soon as they see you packing, they can start to get restless. Also, moving and getting used to a new place can cause a lot of anxiety and tension. So if you're planning to move, be sure to spend a little more time considering how you'll make the process less burdensome for your household pets. Next, Best Removalists Newcastle presents seven practical tips that will serve to move with pets:

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1.- Update your pet's collars

Before organizing everything for the move, you should make sure that the pet's collars have your current cell phone number engraved. During the move, there will be many times when these animals can escape. Most likely, they are scared by all the noise caused by moving the larger furniture. Updating collars for when one needs to move in with pets will let one person know who to call if the apartment's pet runs away.

2.- Get transport boxes for dogs or cats

If you are moving and have small cats or dogs, they will need a transport box so they can move from one apartment to another. This can be a problem if pets have never experienced such a closed place.

To ease the fear, get a box so your dog or cat can get used to it and make sure it is a safe place. You can even place some of the animal's favorite toys, some food and some of your poles, as the animals will feel calm with your essence.

3.- Create a transportation plan

Most moving agencies will not transport your pets, so you will need another way for the pets to get to their new home. If you don't have a car, you could ask a friend to loan you theirs. If that is not possible, you can contact Best Removalist Newcastle for your pet moving needs.

Their goal is to reduce the amount of stress and discomfort you and your pet will experience throughout the process. They offer a worry-free and safe journey by providing personalised door-to-door service. They make sure to plan carefully the transport every step of the way.

On the other hand, pets may experience motion sickness. Before traveling, go to the vet and ask if they can prescribe any medicine if necessary. Also try not to feed them as much on the morning of the move.

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4.- Consider other options for moving day

So that your pets aren't part of all this craziness, you could consider the following for moving day. Ask a friend if you can take care of them for a day until all the boxes and furniture are put back in the new apartment. This will be a less stressful option for pets and they will be less likely to escape during the move. Also, erasing them from the whole thing will make everyone calmer.

5.- Prepare a box with the pet's things

Just as you should have all your most important belongings at hand, such as medicines, grooming supplies, etc., you should make sure you have all the pet's things close by. In a box, place at least a food ration for two days, as well as toys, cat litter and everything that the dog or cat may need when they arrive at the new apartment.

6.- Keep pets in a room

If the animals will be staying with you on moving day, be sure to confine them to a single room, both in the old apartment and in the new one. Put a sign on the door so that people from the moving agency don't open it. If pets are not kept inside a room, they can easily escape or get under the feet of others, which will not be safe for anyone.

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The room they find themselves in will be their new paradise, filled with food, water, and everything they love. Once the move is done, get them to know the house slowly.

7.- Follow the usual routine

Whenever possible, stick with your pets' daily routine. Sure, moving day is crazy for everyone and this may not be possible. However, if you can continue to feed and walk them at times your pets are used to, you will help make the transition easier for them.


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