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The 9 keys to finding the right person for our company

This is the phrase that most identifies companies that want to attract the right Talent for their project.

That person is looking for us and we are looking for her. Together we would be happy. It is like finding True Love. It's about fitting in with someone and someone fitting us.

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For this task, which is having more and more difficulties, at Agricultural Appointments, we are convinced that we can be successful if we follow some keys to be able to have the right talent in our company. These are:

Be visible!

Talent will not know you are looking for it if you are not visible. For this, it is important to have a good employer branding policy. Highlighting where you can show yourself so that the right talent can apply to your job offer. Here are some possibilities:

  1. YouTube: Having a video of our offers multiplies the chances that a greater number of people will see us. Today connectivity is audiovisual. Of course, be brief and flashy.
  2. Social Networks: Of course it takes advantage of all the speaker that the networks suppose. Virality is key to being more visible.
  3. Recruitment Websites: There are many and for different audiences. Look for alliances with who can help you better in the profiles you need.
  4. Employment page on company website: Have you thought about improving your employment page? A well-structured, clear job page, with few steps to apply and especially visual, will help a lot in attracting talent.

Make a good description of the position and the company!

As in love, it is about seducing and falling in love. If you make a simple explanation of the position and do not attract attention in a different and disruptive way, you run the risk of going unnoticed. It's about being original and creative. We are looking for you! That is what must be transmitted. The person who sees the job offer must think: "this job is for me."

May people have a good experience during the process!

We already talked about it in a previous article about The candidate's experience. It is about the person being delighted with each phase of the process. You should always feel like you are going to be the chosen person. And if not, you can talk about our brand and your experience with us as if you were going to be a customer. A good candidate experience generates impact on the brand and word of mouth works.

Be different!

We never tire of saying it, you have to differentiate yourself from others. Do different things. Put your personal stamp. Make interviews and tests disruptive and original. Interview in a different space. Send a personalized video to candidates. Do original tests. Leave your mark on the memory. It is not worth just interviewing, period, you have to find a point of imagination to the process.

Involve those affected!

"That Human Resources look for this position." This phrase seems to "throw the brown" to others. From our position we must involve all those people who are going to have a relationship with the person selected for the position. Not only your direct manager, but also your co-workers!!!

And since we are, why not, group interviews with those who are going to work daily with the people we are interviewing. Both colleagues and other departments. Acceptance will be greater if people have contributed to choosing your next coworker. The success of the integration will be more advanced if we act in this way. Human Resources offers its internal client the possibilities, but it must also influence the involvement of as many people as possible to ensure the correct selection.

Don't just trust your instincts!

Many people trust their instincts when interviewing. It is true that experience helps us to differentiate between the people who can best fit in, but sometimes it fails, and that mistake has terrible consequences. Lean on different tests, like the work attitude tool that we recommend on Agricultural Appointments. Also, contrast the opinions and do a proper evaluation process. Do not trust everything to a single interview!!!

Feel the illusion of hiring!

As happens when we are in love, the illusion and enthusiasm overflows us. Those first moments are unique. When hiring a person for our company we must feel that illusion. And also see that the person is excited about the project and the position. And, of course, the ones who will work with that person as well. It is about making a match like in the search for a partner application. Don't settle for less.

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That the person has a good entrance in the company!

It is about making an adequate reception plan for the person who enters. It is proven that the first day on a new site is usually. It happened to us in a new school and it also happens to us in a new job. Make the person feel nurtured and welcomed. Don't make the mistake of giving her a manual and leaving her alone. Have someone warmly welcome her, introduce her to all the new colleagues, show her the facilities… you can even have a welcome celebration!!! (Some companies do it and it works great).

It often happens that some people during the first days question the correctness of their decision. As they have also applied other offers, you run the risk that another company will call you, and if it has not felt accepted by your company decide to accept the other offer. Don't take that risk!!!

Be interested in their adaptation the first days!

Both your direct manager, the human resources person, or if you have been assigned a mentor, take an interest in the newly hired person during the first days. Have a coffee or go to eat with her, ask her and manage her concerns: that she feels that you are with her and that you want to help her.

These keys help to minimize the cost error of not hitting the right person. This cost due to lack of adaptation and cost of learning may be higher if the person leaves the job during the first months, where their productivity is not yet full.

At Agricultural Appointments, we are very attentive to the phases of the selection process, with an adequate candidate experience to match the people that our client finally hires. It is about giving the best and highest quality service. But above all, it is because we do not like to work twice looking for the same position in a person who is not suitable. That is why we have had almost no candidate substitutions for many years.


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