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Why install metal fences at home?


If we live in an urbanization or a house, an inexpensive and easy way to increase protection is by installing a security fence around it. However, are chain-link fences a good measure of home protection? Today we answer that question.

How much security does a metal fence provide?

A fence will always provide us with an additional degree of security and is perfect to complement other protection devices that we have at home. That is why it is always advisable to install one. Although it is not an infallible system, it makes most thieves change their minds, since it makes it extremely difficult to escape in case of theft.

security fence

How to choose a metal fence?

When choosing a fence, let's consider the following:

1.               That has an anti-climbing device

That is, that it has a method that makes climbing difficult. Either by the configuration of the fence itself or by installing objects that make climbing difficult.

2.                That hinder visibility

Discretion can also be a security measure. If thieves do not see the house, who lives and when, the probability of assault is reduced. Some thieves investigate their potential targets and if we make it difficult for them at that stage they may decide not to risk the unknown.

3.               That allows the installation of cameras

That is, having a sturdy fence on which to place cameras and wiring or, in simpler cases, a deterrent sign. With a combination of a robust fence, which provides privacy, and other protective measures, we will be making a good investment.

Types of metal fences

  • The main types of metal fences are:
  • Simple twist metal fence.
  • Barred fence.
  • Electrowelded mesh fence.
  • Die-cut sheet metal fence.

The level of security depends a lot on the type of fence. They exist from the simplest, such as wire, to the most complete, such as high security anti-climbing fences, which are used in military installations or prisons. These are the characteristics of each type of fence:

Simple twist metal fences

It is the typical fence made of wire and woven normally in the shape of a diamond. It is the one that provides the least security and privacy.

Barred fence

One more step when it comes to deterring, they don't offer much privacy, but they are more robust than the previous ones, especially if the upper part makes climbing difficult.

Electro-welded mesh fence

They are very common in schools and institutes. These are interlaced metal gates, forming squares or rectangles. They do not impede visibility, so it is sometimes combined with vegetation. Their safety also depends on how high they reach.

Die-cut sheet metal fences

It is a sheet metal fence that offers some privacy and in which holes are punched in the form of small squares, slits or the like. They are the most used in homes and urbanizations. They usually have anti - removable security screws and sometimes anti-climbing objects on the top.

Combine your fence with other security systems

As we can see, a fence gives security in our urbanization and helps our protection, although the ideal is to always combine it with other security systems. Also, if you have room for plants, you may want to put hedges or other shrubs. This way you will also improve the privacy of your home.

Fencing function

Think about whether you want to decorate your house, give it added value, or simply avoid animal intrusions or delimit your land.


Maintenance is an important element that you must take into account. Are you willing to periodically varnish or repaint your fence? Or on the contrary, once installed, you don't want to have to deal with it anymore?


The budget varies widely from flexible barbed wire to trellis. Find out about the cost per linear meter in order to compare the different offers correctly.

Don't forget that you can combine different types of fences! At the entrance, a fence adds value to your house, while a wire fence can be enough to surround the back garden!


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