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What Is The Price Of Bathroom Renovation In Your Home?

In previous articles we taught you how to calculate the budget needed to renovate the bathroom , but today we want to go further and show you a more detailed budget. If you are wondering what is the price of renovating the bathroom? We have an answer!The price of renovating the bathroom ranges from € 300 to € 1000 per square meter . If we consider the average size of a bathroom, the average price is usually around € 3,500.

What Factors Affect The Price Of Innovating The Bathroom ?

As you can imagine, the final price will depend on many factors. The most important are:
Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Size :

The m2 of surface will vary the final price of the reform . For this reason, the reform of a large bathroom can cost much more than that of a toilet.

The Piping System :

Once the reform begins, the professional will detect that the piping system is not in good condition and needs to be renewed. This situation can also happen if you have decided, for example, to change the layout of your Bathroom Renovation As is logical, renewing or modifying the route of the piping system will increase the final price of the reform of your bathroom .

Additional Elements :

Other elements that will determine the budget of your reform can be: taps, showers, tile installation, lighting ... etc

Expansion Of Space :

The price of renovating the bathroom could increase if you decide to add more square meters to the surface of the bathroom. Increasing the surface will involve changing the wall tubes or adding more tiles .
Bathroom Renovation
Sanitation :
If you want to replace all the elements of the bathroom (toilet, bathtub, sink, etc.), the cost will also increase . Professionals should remove the original elements and install new ones. If you want to save on costs, we advise you to repair small damages to those elements that are in better condition.

Pipelines And Electricity :

Prices can increase if the professional detects problems in pipes or electrical systems . One way to solve this problem is to periodically check the hydraulic and electrical system. Although it is not always possible to avoid this type of situation, by doing this review we can avoid a greater evil.

How Long Does A Bathroom Reform Take ?

The reform of your bathroom is not one of the fastest reform processes. The first step that the professional will carry out is the total or partial demolition (of tiles, flooring, toilets, etc.), according to the needs of your reform. The debris will then need to be removed. Subsequently, the plumbing system and the electrical system must be reviewed, making the modifications that have been foreseen. Once all these tasks have been completed, the practitioner can begin with leveling and laying the floor. It is then when you can paint the walls or put the tile covering. Finally, the lights, taps and bathroom furniture you have chosen will be placed.


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