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How To Change The Motorbike Spares And brake Pads?

The Motorbike Spares and brake pads are important in the braking system of an electric scooter. That is why proper maintenance or changing Roan electric scooter brake pads is necessary and guarantees driver safety.

A brake pad that is not in good condition increases the brake distance, which can lead to unexpected skidding.

The brake pads do not motorbike spares have to be replaced due to breakdown; They are elements of the brake system that are prone to wear and tear from the use of the electric scooter and therefore it is necessary to maintain your scooter and periodically review it.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Steps Needed To Change Motorbike Spares And Brake Pads

  1. First of all we must loosen the cable by the part of the brake lever leaving it as loose as possible.
  2. Then, once that is done, we continue to release the brake caliper
  3. We continue to remove a screw to remove the cover of the pads. We unscrew this cover, which is located at the rear of the clamp. Be very careful when removing the cover since there is a spring and a ball to press the piece. The pill will come out next to the cap.
  4. We continue to remove motorbike spares the other brake pad. Once the brake pad has been removed, pressurize the caliper to remove dust and dirt.
  5. For assembly we will have to mount the brake pad inside, and then we will put the other pad in the lid and screw until a little pad comes out in the caliper
  6. We screw in the screw and mount the calipers in place.
  7. Finally, once the brake caliper is mounted, we tighten the brake lever. If the brake does not have tact we can tighten it by the brake caliper.
  8. Changing the scooter brake pads is super easy and performing that maintenance gives you driving safety. You can see the video how to change electric scooter brake pads.
motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Maintenance of the electric scooter battery

The boom in electric mobility has generated an vehicle  increase in the use of electric scooters that serve both as leisure or as an alternative to public transport or car. The use, care and will affect its durability. That is why today we will detail the care you must have and battery maintenance for your scooter.

How to motorbike spares care and maintain the electric scooter battery?

Taking care of your motorbike spares battery is essential to maintain the performance and autonomy of your electric vehicle. That is why in this article we will offer you 8 valuable tips for the care of your battery.

As soon as you buy the electric vehicle comes with a small factory charge. We recommend that as soon as you get home you fully charge the battery for a maximum time of 8 hours.


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