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Roof repair, all about roof restoration

The repair of a roof is important to maintain the waterproofness of the roof and the sanitation of the building. When Roof restoration, it is important to take into account the insulation of the roof in the works to save energy and have comfort in winter as in summer.
If a simple roof restoration is insufficient, repair is necessary. Before preparing your budget, which varies depending on the material chosen, find out about the regulations in force and the possible specifics (co-ownership, adjoining houses).

Roof repair, all about roof restoration

Principles of a roof repair

Ensure roof waterproofing

The purpose of renovating the roof is to seal the roof. For this, the roof covering can be removed and changed (tiles, slates ...). In the case of major repairs, the frame is to be resumed. It is absolutely necessary to call on a professional carpenter to have a secure site.

When a roof restoration is not enough

The roof is a critical part of a home: a roof in poor condition allows heat to come out ( heat loss ) and rain and air to enter (infiltration). These infiltrations are at the origin of the development of plants on the walls, which deteriorates the air quality. As far as air tightness is concerned , the creation of drafts leads to heat loss and an increase in energy expenditure. The first way to remedy these drawbacks is to roof restoration by identifying damaged areas, applying water-repellent treatments and installing an under-roof screen.. When the leaks are too great and / or the roof too old, it is necessary to go to repair . Before starting, you must estimate the extent of the damage by going into the attic or the attic. This also makes it possible to check if the frame has not been affected by infiltration. If so, a specialist must first repair the frameroof repair

Applicable regulations and recommendations

During a full identical repair, unless otherwise provided in the local urban plan (PLU), a prior declaration of work must be made . When the repair results in a so-called minor modification of the exterior appearance of the house (change of the roofing material concerning its color, shape or nature), prior declaration is also necessary. We must also respect the standards related to the chosen material and the municipal PLU. The General Commission for Standardization of the Building in charge of Unified Technical Documents develops the standards ( DTU) relating in particular to the roof. These rules concern the shape of the roof, its characteristics, its construction and its aesthetic appearance. The application of the recommendations contained in these DTUs provides quality coverage and guarantees to be covered by insurance in the event of a claim.

In co-ownership or joint ownership

According to the regulations of the co-ownership, the work carried out on a given roof can concern all the co-owners or only those whose apartment is in this specific building. When the roof restoration is part of maintenance work , the simple majority must be obtained at the assembly of co-owners. If it corresponds to improvement works, the majority of 2/3 is required or even unanimously if a loan has been contracted. If the work is undertaken as a matter of urgency, the agreement of the co-owners will be requested at an extraordinary meeting after the start of the repair.
The joint ownership concerns the joint ownership on a good separating two contiguous domiciles. When two buildings side by side have their roofs aligned, it is not a question of joint ownership because the roofs are distinct. Each owner can roof restoration when he wishes. If two buildings have the same roof and the same frame, we enter in the case of a condominium roof repair

Roof repair, all about roof restoration

Roof repair price

To renovate a roof, the overall cost consists of  materials  and  labor . It may be necessary to add the price of the roof restoration of the frame if it has also been damaged. Among the least expensive materials, we find shingle (from 8 to 15 euros / m2), wood (between 10 and 20 euros / m2 for shingles and around 30 euros / m2 for solid wood) and concrete tiles (between 25 and 30 euros / m2). 

Improve the level of insulation

The increase in the price of energy, in addition to the sealing concerns, makes insulation of the roof essential. Two options are possible:
If you want to have fitted roof spaces, it will be necessary to insulate  under crawlers .
If you want to have lost roof space, it is advisable to insulate the floor from the attic or roof space.
Energy savings thanks to roof insulation
According to ADEME, uninsulated single-family homes represent great potential for energy savings for their owners. The heat losses in a single house are broken down as follows:
  • 25 to 30% of energy lost by the roof . Lost roof spaces, fitted roof spaces, roof terraces are too often little or not insulated.
  • 20 to 25% by the walls ,
  • 7 to 10% by the bottom floor
Roof insulation is too often overlooked and insufficient. It is a very simple and fast way to save energy roof restoration

The additional cost of roof insulation quickly pays for itself

The additional cost of efficient roof insulation is quickly recouped by the energy savings achieved thereafter. For poorly insulated houses, it only takes 3 to 7 years to make the work profitable.
These works are also encouraged by the State and local communities through numerous subsidies, which can be combined with several ecological aids, the most important of which is the 2017 energy transition tax credit for roof restoration.

Aid and subsidies to better insulate your roof

The overall cost of roof repair work is relatively high. As a result, most of the homes tend to postpone this type of work. However, there are several aid schemes such as the Calculeo energy roof restoration bonus for roof repairs , the green tax credit, Anah aid and subsidies for roof restoration as well as a plethora of subsidies from regional councils. This aid, which can often be combined under certain conditions, can help to drastically reduce the cost price of a roof repair project.

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