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School Psychologists VS Educational Psychologist Newcastle

Hello all I wanted to discuss with you all the difference between educational psychologists newcastle in school psychologists now I know a lot of you may be saying well isn't it the exact same thing well sometimes the terms are used interchangeably. 

But they are two different careers someone who refers to themselves as primarily an Educational psychologists newcastle is typically one a person who has studied educational psychologists in school psychologists but they are primarily a researcher. 

They are a person that really likes to work in academia they do research they write grants they teach at the college of university level in that's their primary work they don't necessarily do a lot of the assessments and they don't do as much as the counseling. 

Psychologist Newcastle

And things like that but their primary focus is the research and so educational psychologists newcastle programs you have to be careful because if you if you want to be a practitioner if you want to be someone who is counseling who's providing assessment who's actually working in the schools with students.

Then you're gonna want to get into a program that's a school psychology program or an educational psychologists newcastle program with a specialization in school psychology but now a standalone educational psychology program is likely to not have the curriculum in course instruction that you're going to need to get licensed as a specialist in school psychologists newcastle also known as a school psychologist it's very important that you look at that now as I was applying to programs. 

I actually applied to an educational psychologists newcastle program thinking oh hey you know this is a very interesting program however it did not have the curriculum that I needed to get licensed so you have to make sure that you are in a school psychologists newcastle program or an educational ecology with the specialization in school psychologists now a school psychologists newcastle is the person that goes out into the field they work with the students they're providing assessment. 

Psychologist Newcastle

They're counseling whether it's individual counseling whether it's in groups they're collaborating with the family members the administration the school psychologists newcastle the educational diagnosticians all of that stuff in you know school psychologists newcastle. 

They also may do some research and things but that is not their primary job that is not their primary career goal to do research also they do not do as much of like the grant writing and things like that now they also might teach at the college university levels like educational diagnostician. 

I'm sorry educational psychologists newcastle do but some school psychologists don't want to do that in also educational psychologists programs are typically a lot of them are doctorate programs anyway because in order to really be an educational psychologist that's really doing the sort of research that you're gonna want to do I mean you really need a doctorate for it because that's where people actually take you seriously. 

So you know it's the names again are sort of interchangeable however the roles of an educational psychologists newcastle in a school psychologists are quite different so if you are more interested in doing research as your career goal and putting programs together in grant writing and getting published in things like that in journals then you would want to be an educational psychologists newcastle. 

Psychologist Newcastle

If you are primarily wanting to work with children if you're wanting to go and do assessments and counsel and do those sorts of things then you'll be a school psychologists newcastle now the pay is a pretty much around the same psychologists newcastle mean if you're going to be working in a college of university Psychologists mean you're likely to get paid quite well.

If you're doing research psychologists newcastle mean there's so many opportunities for you to get grants in there and pay yourself out of those grants and then you can work for an agency that's doing research and you can work in academia as a salaried assistant or an associate professor. 

And things like that again psychologists newcastle have done many blogs on the pay of school psychologists so you guys can check those out if you guys have any questions regarding the differences between these two fields or these two titles then please let me know you guys have a great night.


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